Building Our Best Lives Through Online Business


Our Mission is to Add Value to people’s lives through Inspiration, Information and Coaching. We are building a Supporting and Affirming Community focussed on Success and Fulfillment.

We believe that anyone has the capability to build out their best life.   

An Online Business can be a cost effective route to a life free from the 9 to 5, ‘working to make someone else wealthy’ existence.   We are living in a world where work expectations are set in place from an early age.

Todays online world is challenging that dogma.

It is now possible to enjoy an impactful, abundant life without trading our most precious resource, our time.



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Recent Posts

Affirmation and Leadership

I’m reading Extraordinary Influence by Tim Irwin. Tim is an Organisational Psychologist and shares insights based on his research and years of experience.
Experience tells us that the best bosses and leaders give public praise and private criticism. The human brain loves affirmation but effective affirmation needs to be more than a passing gesture.

Changing your Mindset with Cheese

Cheese vs Veganism When the conversation comes around to my change to veganism, one question which keeps cropping up is “I would love to go vegan, but I can’t give up my cheese” Aside from smoking, drinking and gambling, eating cheese seems to be the number 1...

Happy Birthday Mum

August 23rd is my Mum's birthday. I always take some time on this day to reflect on the ways she inspired me through her life and stories. Here is a transcript of the Eulogy I gave at her funeral. Says it all for me: Early Life before the War. Our Mother was born in...

Is our World at a Cross Roads?

Introduction This morning I read a book by Ben Shapiro entitled the Right Side of History. The Author, an Orthodox Jew by birth, cites the Bible and the works of the Athenian Philosophers as the reason for the rise of the West over the last 200 years. In the book he...

The 2 step Process to Changing Our Identity.

If we want to change an outcome it is necessary to delve a bit deeper into our identity to understand the underlying behaviours and habits which support it.    My weight loss journey For years I was a dieter.   There had been some success, having twice...