I’m changing my life.

It all started a few years ago with my health….

I had my own consulting project management company, earning 6 figures but with a work centred lifestyle.

If I wasnt working, I would be commuting. If I wasn’t commuting, I would be either sleeping or being a couch potato.   

I had diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure and couldn’t get upstairs without taking a break half way.

Something had to change.   

I decided to take a huge pay cut and work closer to home.   I bought a bike and started cycling to work. I caught the bug and pretty soon I was climbing lakeland and welsh mountain roads.   I was doing 450 miles in 4 days for charity.    I have even ridden up Alpe d’Huez

I changed my diet, cured myself of the diabetes and cholesterol and lost 126lb.    However, my blood pressure remained resolutely high and my mental health was deteriorating.

Why? The majority of my time was still taken up something I had no passion for.   My confidence was taking a hit, work was not inspiring me.   I was still trading a big chunk of my time, but now for less money.

Then I discovered SFM.   At first I was sceptical, but soon I came to realise that this is a special community.  It’s not all about getting rich, although that should be a happy by-product if you have the desire to work and take action.

Everyone here is passionate about helping you to improve your life by creating a lifestyle based on success, however you define it.  

I’m now all in and the results are already making themselves clear.   

I”m climbing out of the hole.

I’m looking forward to sharing my life and my progress with you.

I’m loving it.

So can you.   I’d love to help you get started.