If we want to change an outcome it is necessary to delve a bit deeper into our identity to understand the underlying behaviours and habits which support it.   

My weight loss journey

Weight Loss Before photo

For years I was a dieter.   There had been some success, having twice lost over 130lbs in weight.  Both times I joined a local slimming club, changed my eating habits and lost the weight.   First time around I had created an environment where I could manage an eating routine planned my meals and counted my bad food intake.   I was identified as someone who was a successful dieter.   Right up until the time I stopped being a dieter and started eating more of the bad stuff.   All of the weight I had lost went back on.

Second time I needed to make some fundamental changes.   For a while I became a dieter, and again lost 130lbs.   However I was identifying as a dieter which was not the outcome I desired.   What I needed to do was identify as a healthy person.   My habits could then reinforce that identity.

Creating a Healthy Identity

This time I looked at my nutritional needs.   I realised that by eating plants and becoming vegan I could meet these and remove the unhealthy foods which tended to subvert my progress (I’ll discuss my vegan journey in more detail in a future blog).  

I also found a way to incorporate exercise into my daily regimen.  This was achieved by ditching the car and cycling to work every day.   It became so ingrained that I invested in gear to be able to manage to do this throughout the winter, organised my work clothing regime and eventual came to hate the times when I had to commute by car.

All of these habits reinforced my identity as a healthy Individual.   The weight has stayed off and is now stable.

After Weight loss

Create a repeatable habit.

The more we repeat a habit, the more we reinforce our new identity.   

Whatever our identity is now, we only believe it because we have proof of it.   If I ride my bike every day I can say I have evidence that I’m a cyclist.   If I had ridden a bike once as a child, probably not.  

How many people sign up to go to the gym in January and then don’t go after a few weeks or days.   If you’re still going a couple of days a week by the end of March, you can probably identify as someone who’s committed to fitness.

Of course habits are not the only thing that influence your identity, but by virtue of the frequency they are usually the most important ones.

They also don’t happen suddenly.  The best way to change is by gradual evolution.  

My cycling commute started by driving half way to work and parking up with the bike in the back of the car.   I did this 1 or 2 days a week initially before building up to cycling from home to work, pretty soon it was the default commute and the car stays in the driveway most of the time these days.

The 2 step process.

It’s pretty simple really

1. Decide the type of person you want to be

2. Prove it to yourself with small wins.

Decide who you want to be.

This applies at any level, as an individual, an organisation, a community or even a whole nation.   What are our principles and values, what do we wish to become.   These are big questions, it’s sometimes difficult to know where to begin.

My SFM journey started with my vision to become an online entrepreneur.   This led to me asking myself the following questions:

– Who is the type of person who could start up a new business?

– What skills would this person need to acquire?

– What type of investment would be needed?

The answer to all of these question are clearly laid out in the journey when you start working with them. 

– You are surrounded by people who are on the same journey

– The training is completely geared around making the small changes and steps required to set up your on-line presence

– You have access to a business mentor to help you with all of the investment decisions you need to make in yourself.

The Small Wins

The key here is that the whole journey is structured around these small wins.   From setting up your own Authority site, to managing your time and energy , through to getting your first sale.   It’s all about the small wins

I’ve come so far along t I’m convinced that I have the tenacity and drive to achieve the success needed to assume the identity of a successful entrepreneur.

Take Action Today

If this resonates with you, I’d love to share more details of my journey. 

My starting point was the Free 4 day video training provided by one of my mentors, Stuart Ross.   I can get you access to these same videos to try for yourself.   All I need is your email details and I’ll send you the details.

Why not give it a go?

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