About Me

Steve Smith – SaxelbySmith Ltd

I’m Changing my Life.

My Work

I had my own freelance contractor company, earning six figures. I came to realise that the money was no replacement for a happy, healthy life.

I had a reputation as a maverick technical project manager. Getting stuff delivered by staying below the corporate radar, taking calculated risks and enjoying the rewards.

The more I progressed the less opportunity there seemed to be to effect real change. I was becoming disillusioned with corporate life.

If I wasn’t working, I’d be commuting, if I wasn’t commuting I would either be asleep or being a couch potato

My home life was beginning to suffer, I missed large parts of my family growing up. It will remain a source of eternal regret that I worked away for large parts of their childhood.

My health was becoming a problem.

Something had to change……

Fixing Everything but Work

I thought the solution would be downsizing, I took a permanent role, massive pay cut and worked closer to home, commuting by bicycle. Dieted. Lost Nine and a Half Stone

My health improved, I got the cycling bug and started doing massive rides, over 100 miles.
My life seemed to be improving for a while…

However, the majority of my time was being taken up doing something I had no passion for, now for less money.

Corporate Project Management is becoming a much devalued role within corporate life, seemingly limited to getting governance boxes ticked. There’s no room for creative solutions to problems. It’s not possible

My improved health and out-of-work life put this miserable 9 to 5 into sharp relief.

The Spectre of Cancer

My partner became ill, tiredness, low blood count. By chance one of the tests showed up a problem with her liver. Before long we were confronted with a Primary Liver Cancer diagnosis. Our lives suddenly turned upside down.

The only treatment for the damage was a transplant. It was a gruelling and frightening process of assessment to even get on the list.

Alongside the stress of this, she also had to deal with a dreadful chemotherapy procedure. A week in hospital with life threatening sepsis has been followed by a long slow recovery.

We still don’t know if a liver transplant can be done.

My employer was incredibly supportive, but the reality was that whatever focus I had before was now completely gone.

There’s still a long way to go but they got the Tumour, for now.

Breaking Point

One day at work I had difficulty breathing. I could almost feel my body shutting down.

My doctor diagnosed the first signs of depression.

I needed to re-evaluate my life again. This time drastic change was needed.

My New Life Starts Here

Then I discovered SFM, at first I was skeptical but I soon came to realise that this is a very special community.

Everyone here is passionate about helping each other to live the life of their dreams.

I’m climbing out of the hole and looking forward to continuing my story with you.

If you’ll let me……