Hello Friends

I am Steve Smith, Entrepreneurial Journeyman, my purpose is to help others find Authentic Peace in the Knowledge of Doing the Right thing, so that they may find a Harmonious Way Forward, creating a Life which makes a difference, for good.

My business is about finding a way to bring that purpose to life.  My first realisation is that Marketing is an essential skill to bring this to life.  I have embarked on what I am realising is a constant journey of learning, experimentation and upskilling.   There's a world of possibilities out there and, for me, the online journey starts with marketing.

Without the Skills to market a business, I'm afraid to say, any venture is doomed to fail.

My Background

My background is in corporate environments.

Initially I was a technical geek.   I grew my skills with the developing personal computing revolution.

Building the PC Revolution

My first roles where building out the new technologies at the desktop, networking businesses together and then expanding the capability out into the wider world.

It's difficult to believe but in the mid 1980's, only 25 to 30 years ago, desks in most corporate businesses had maybe a telephone and usually an in out tray with piles of paperwork.  No screens, no keyboards, and certainly no PC's.  There may have been some kind of green-screen terminal in the corner of the office, next to the Telex Machine for interrogating the company mainframe.

I brought Personal Computer and Computer networks to many businesses.

Over time I realised that my early passions were beginning to wane.  I became more interested in driving bigger projects and having a much bigger impact.

Moving up to Project Management

Technical Project Management seemed to offer that opportunity.   I was at my best as a kind of technical go-between, articulating technical solutions in ways that business managers could relate to, and taking business needs and requirements and helping technical people match these to technical solutions.

When this was in balance, I was at my best.

The Problem with Corporate Life

I started to realise that Corporate life could be fraught with problems, with poor decision making impacting many lives.

I realised that often, profits and financial performance was prioritised above not only Staff wellbeing, but in many companies, above the best interests of that company's customers.

This manifested itself in the form of Business Change.   Most established businesses have to change and adapt over time and I began to manage projects to deliver this change.

The more I became embedded in this, the more I realised that people were becoming the victims of those changes, with stakeholders at the top of the organisations benefitting much more.   I managed a number of projects with headcount reductions, increasing automation and outsourcing as the main priority.

This was not what I wanted from my career all those years ago.

A New Start

I wanted to build something better, build an ethical business that puts people at the heart of everything.   Whether those people are Customers or colleagues, they deserve to benefit from these technical innovations.

Most recently I've been researching ethics, environmental problems and economics.

I am becoming clear on how this new entrepreneurial vision will serve my purpose.

I decided to dedicate myself to creating an Entrepreneurial Journey to explore and address the problems, first for my own life but hopefully to take the opportunities I find and inspire others in their journey, building out my ethical business along the way.