What We Do

We believe that affiliate relationships offer the best and most cost effective route into a profitable online business.

The key is to build high quality partnerships with businesses who offer products and services you love and use.   There are a large number of these businesses online and choosing the best can be challenging.

Following extensive research and due diligence we found a number of businesses who can offer training products and services which help aspiring entrepreneurs to create their first on-line business.

Of course, creating an online business is a major undertaking and results can never be guaranteed.   Success will always be determined my factors such as commitment, hard work and tenacity.

Our Partner Businesses Currently are:

  • Digital Experts Academy.
  • Six Figure Mentors.
  • Digital Business Lounge.

They Each have a heritage which goes back over 10 years, they have the most comprehensive suite of quality training materials, products and services to help and support and nurture new businesses.

SaxelbySmith has an affiliate partnership with these companies to offer their full suite of products and resources.   We believe, as customers ourselves, that they offer the most comprehensive online business platform and best in class training available anywhere in the world.

With partnerships with LinkedIn Learning, the biggest training library on the planet, and Digital Marketer, the most respected marketing expertise in the world, we believe that they provide the best way to incubate your fledgling business and create a superior platform for success.

Whatever your idea (or even if you haven’t got one yet!) our Support, combined with the Leverage provided by one of the best communities of Mentors and Entrepreneurs available anywhere, mean that your chances of achieving your online business and lifestyle goals will never be better.

Come and join our community today.   Connect with the best.